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Communications of the ACM


Internet Information Freedom Revisited.

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Drummond Ltd. Systems engineer Carlos A. Brewer R.

Recent news reports that many countries started to control the access to information on internet for their citizens, most famous case is China, but Latin America does not escape to this situation because there are serious rumors from some countries where their governments are trying to establish a censorship on some Internet contents.

Information control and censorship is not a recent policy, worldwide and since the beginning of information exchange, almost all governments and countries had information control policies with the excuse of national security.

However I think is not a good idea to establish controls on Internet which has become the last zone where information freedom lives, alternatives to information control are: parental control, clear information acts, governments can establish better ways to keep their information properly secure and more.

Internet must remain free; controls must be on the end-user side and not in the server one.

For those cases of children abuse, prostitution and more; instead of blocking access to those websites (instead of attacking public sites, hackers should be attacking those sites) governments should capture the people behind those business.



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