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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: three letters on merging

Letters to the editor: correction to FUSBUDET

Report on proposed American standard flowchart symbols for information processing

This paper presents the essential contents of the Proposed American Standard Flowchart Symbols for Information Processing. This is the first proposed standard prepared by Subcommittee X3.6 on Problem Description and Analysis  …

Format-free input in FORTRAN

Variable width stacks

Character addressable, variable field computers permit ready establishment and manipulation of variable width stacks. Single machine commands may push variable field items down into such stacks or pop them up. The availability …

An experiment in automatic verification of programs

How effective is a compiler at replacing explicit verification, and what is the cost of this technique?

Partioning algorithms for finite sets

The partitions of a set with n elements are represented by certain n-tuples of positive integers. Algorithms are described which generate without repetitions the n-tuples corresponding to: (1) all partitions of the given set, …

Algorithm 208: discrete convolution

Algorithm 207: stringsort

Algorithm 209: Gauss

Algorithm 210: Lagrangian interpolation

Algorithm 212: frequency distribution

Algorithm 213: Fresnel integrals

Algorithm 211: Hermite interpolation

Remark on algorithms 88, 89, and 90 evaluation of the Fresnel integrals

Remark on algorithm 123: ERF

Certification of algorithm 160 combinatorial of M things taken N at a time

Remark on algorithm 157: Fourier series approximation

Certification of algorithm 27: assignment

Certification of algorithm 161: combinatorial of M things taken one at a time, two at a time, up to N at time

Certification of algorithm 173: assign

Certification of algorithm 175: shuttlesort

Certification of algorithm 210: Hermite interpolation

Certification of algorithm 173: assign

A contour-map program for x-ray crystallography

A FORTRAN program is described for use with the IBM 7090 system and an x, y-plotter to produce a contour map. A matrix of points evenly spaced in each dimension is contoured. Scale factors along the axes may be different and  …

DATA-DIAL: two-way communication with computers from ordinary dial telphones

An operating system is described which allows users to call up a remotely located computer from ordinary dial telephones. No special hardware or connections are required at the users' telephones. Input to the computer is through …

A numerical method for the determination of moving field isodose curves for treatment plannning in radiotherapy

An automatic data acquisition and inquiry system using disk files

Lockheed Missiles and Space Company has installed a large-scale Automatic Data Acquisition (ADA) system which ties together the Company's manufacturing facilities located in Van Nuys and Sunnyvale, California. The system includes …

Use of the disk file on stretch

The paper begins by briefly describing the Stretch (IBM 7030) computer with special emphasis given to the organization and operation of its input-output equipment. Physical characteristics of the two-disk system (4,194,304 72 …

A comparison of disks and tapes

The principal characteristics of current magnetic disks and tape units are summarized and compared. Some of the characteristics of disk files are illustrated in a sorting example and compared to a tapesort. The conclusion is  …

An extension of Fibonaccian search to several variables

A technique which uses Fibonaccion search concepts has been developed to solve optimization problems involving unimodal functions of several variables. The technique has not been proven to be optimal in the sense that the one …

Computation's development critical to our society

The ACM's growth continues: we are now at 13,000 members; expenses also grow. Our professional membership does not spring from a uniformly trained group as in mathematics or physics or even economics. Instead, our increasing  …