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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Account classification at automating banks

Recent developments affecting ADP in tax administration

Telefile: a case study of an online savings bank application

The development of an on-line computer system for a savings bank institution is traced from the early conceptual needs of the bank to the consummation of design by The Teleregister Corporation. Both bank and equipment criteria …

Some legal implications of the use of computers in the banking business

The introduction of computers into the banking business has a wide variety of legal implications that merit careful attention at this very early stage. The industry is highly regulated by government and, hence, is subject to …

A specification of JOVIAL

Algorithm 217: Minimum excess cost curve

Indexing and the A-notation

Some methods of indexing sequentially stored elements of sparse multi-dimensional arrays are described in the scheme A notation.

Pracnique: more test matrices for determinants and inverses

SIGMAP workshop on control languages for mathematical programming: a report