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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

A syntactic description of BC NELIAC

Real-time programming specifications

Checking for loops in networks

Polynomial evaluation revisited

Algorithm 152: Nexcom

Realizing Boolean connectives on the IBM 1620

Algorithm 184: Erlang probalility for curve fitting

Algorithm 185: normal probability for curve fitting

Algorithm 186: complex arithmetic

Algorithm 188: smoothing 1

Algorithm 189: smoothing 2

Algorithm 187: differences and derivatives

Algorithm 191: hypergeometric

Algorithm 193: reversion of series

Algorithm 190: complex power

Algorithm 192: confluent hypergeometric

Certification of algorithm 105: Newton Maehly

Remark on certification of matrix inversion procedures

Remark on algorithm 150: Syminv2

Remark on algorithm 150: Syminv2

Remark on algorithm 177: least squares solution with constraints

Certification of algorithms 134 and 158 exponentiation of series

Programming languages

The linking segment subprogram language and linking loader

Design of a separable transition-diagram compiler

A catalogue entry retrieval system

Further remarks on sampling a tape file—III