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Communications of the ACM

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More on integer conversion

On reducing truncation errors by programming

MIRFAC: a reply to Professor Dijkstra

Copyright aspects of computer usage

This paper is concerned with the question of what constitutes infringement of a copyright on a book or other nondramatic literary work when the work is fed into a computer and is indexed, analyzed, partially reprinted, or otherwise …

Computer patent disclosures

Suppose a potentially very valuable experimental multi-computer system is being designed by you and your group. You feel you have made at least a system invention. In your Company scientists and engineers are responsible for  …

Joint inventorship of computers

The term joint inventorship asks but does not necessarily answer the question, “Who is the true inventor of a computer?” I will try to show how “wrong” inventors are joined, how such improper joinder can be avoided, and its dangers …

Computer programs are patentable

It is not surprising that computer programs are not listed in the patent statutes as one of the categories of patentable invention. When these categories were defined many years ago, computers and computer programs were unknown …

Patent protection of computer programs

Recently, the computer industry has been exploring anew the question of whether programs for operating an electronic digital computer are or should be patentable.

Algorithm 242: Permutations of a set with repetitions

Certification of algorithm 203: Steep1

Certification of algorithm 218: Kutta Merson

Certification of Algorithm 207: Stringsort

Certification of algorithm 221: Gamma function

Certification algorithm 225: Gamma function with controlled accuracy

Constraint-type statements in programming languages

A proposal is made for including in a programming language statements which imply relations between variables but which are not explicit assignment statements. The compiler sets up a Newtonian iteration making use for the purpose …

A method of syntax specification

The addition of a few simple conventions to the Backus Normal Form specification of a language provides a mode of description which is more compact and easier to prepare and use than either the standard BNF description [1] or …

History and summary of FORTRAN standardization development for the ASA

The American Standards Association (ASA) Sectional Committee X3 for Computers and Information Processing was established in 1960 under the sponsorship of the Business Equipment Manufacturers Association. ASA X 3 in turn established …

FORTRAN vs. Basic FORTRAN: a programming language for informational processing on automatic data processing systems

Proposed Amendment to Proposed American Standard on Specification for General-Purpose Paper Cards for Information Processing

Report on SUBSET ALGOL 60 (IFIP)

Report on Input-Output Procedures for ALGOL 60

PROPOSED AMERICAN STANDARD: Take-up Reels for One-Inch Perforated Tape for Information Interchange

Should ACM have graded memberships?

President's letter to the ACM membership