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Communications of the ACM

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Whither the ACM publications?

Journal readership and journal purpose

Introduce rigorous controls into Perlis' publication system to make it effective

An inductive approach to language translation

The possibility of natural language translation by means of fixed operations on example translation is considered. The conception of sentence translation which motivates the work is informally presented, and the measurement of …

Rounding problems in commercial data processing

A common requirement in commercial data processing is that the sum of a set of numbers, rounded in a generally understood manner, be equal to the sum of the numbers rounded individually. Four rounding procedures are described …

Multiple-precision arithmetic and the exact calculation of the 3-j and 9-j symbols

Described in this paper is a system of general-purpose multiple-precision fixed-point routines and their use in subroutines which calculate exactly the quantum-mechanical 3-j, 6-j and 9-j symbols of large arguments.

Algorithm 244: Fresnel integrals

Algorithm 243: Logarithm of a complex number[B3] rewrite of algorithm 48

Certification of algorithm 213: Fresnel integrals

Certification of algorithm 199: conversions between calendar date and Julian day number

The new program of work for the international standard vocabulary in computers and information processing

The Vocabulary Subcommittee of the International Standards Organization's Technical Committee on Computers and Information Processing (ISO/TC97/SC1) held its third meeting in New York City in May, 1964. (More precisely, this  …

A technique for reading gapless tapes makes electrocardiograph analysis feasible on the IBM 7090

To study arrhythmias and higher frequency components of the electrocardiogram, long series of patient heart cycles must be examined before valid comparison of different heart beats can be made. A technique is presented for the …

Estimation of heart parameters using skin potential measurements

A fundamental problem of vectorcardiography is the estimation of the state of the heart on the basis of skin potential measurements. A mathematical model relating ventricular dipoles to surface potentials is sketched. Then it …

An executive system implemented as a finite-state automaton

The 473L command and control system used by the Air Force permits many operators to access large data files through the use of a computer. The man-machine interface is satisfied by several communication consoles from which operators …

Time sharing in a traffic control program

The Toronto traffic-signal control system consists of a variety of logically distinct computer programs, all competing for machine time. To satisfy these demands, a time-sharing program has been written whose purpose is to execute …

Change the name of ACM? Never!

On an algorithm for minimum-cost procedures

In response to ”How should ACM publish computer research“