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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

A multiuser computation facility for education and research

Present-day computing facilities are limited in their value for scientific research by inability to interact strongly with users. The full power of a research computing instrument should be available at many terminals that give …

Solutions of combinatorial problems using generating functions on a variable-field computer

The utility of generating functions in solving combinatoria problems is discussed. Particular implementation results are presented and evaluated.

Scheduling meetings with a computer

Computer scheduling of papers as it was developed for the 1960 meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) is described. The FASEB meeting is the largest scientific meeting held in the United …

Extension of existing compilers by sophisticated use of macros

A description is presented of an application in which macros and string concatenation were employed to add a new facility to BELFAP.

A storage allocation and reference structure

A method is proposed and discussed which allows a subscripted-variable capability (in the FORTRAN sense) to be added to AUTOCODER-Type assembly systems.

Algorithm 241: Arctangent

Algorithm 240: Coordinates on an ellipsoid

A computer analysis method for thermal diffusion in biochemical systems

In the thermal detection of rapid biochemical reactions it is necessary to correct the temperature data for transient heat conduction losses in a cylindrical calorimeter. To handle the complexities arising from varying thermal …

A rapid method for digital filtering

Since much of the computer time spent in time-series analysis is used for multiplications, a minimum multiplication method was devised for digital filtering, with the expectation that it would be useful in the online, real-time …

Internal sorting