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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

NPL: highlights of a new programming language

Mechanization of tedious algebra: the Newcomb operators of planetary theory

Reducing truncation errors using cascading accumulators

Subroutine assembly

Code structures for protection and manipulation of variable-length items

Pracniques: automated plotting of flow-charts on a small computer

Pracniques: simulation of Boolean functions in a decimal computer

Pracniques: further remarks on reducing truncation errors

Use of decision tables in computer programming

Boundary networks

Remote, online, real-time computer diagnosis of the clinical electrocardiogram

Answering English questions by computer: a survey

Letters to the editor: calculating E on a small computer

Letters to the editor: a reaction to Juncosa's proposal for ACM publications

Letters to the editor: suggestions for ACM's long-term growth

Letters to the editor: further results on computer construction of school timetables

Proposed American standard—character set for optical character recognition