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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: some observations on the economics of interval arithmetic

Letters to the editor: Avoiding bit manipulation in FORTRAN

Letters to the editor: a two-tape-unit sort

Guest editorial: just as bridges made of wood

AXLE2: an axiomatic language for string transformations

Algorithm 268: ALGOL 60 reference language editor [R2]

Algorithm 270: finding eigenvectors by Gaussian elimination [F2]

Algorithm 269: determinant evaluation [F3]

Algorithm 271: quickersort

Remark on algorithm 250 [G6]: inverse permutation

The performance of a system for automatic segmentation of programs within an ALGOL compiler (GIER ALGOL)

Conversion of limited-entry decision tables to computer programs

A comparison of the primal-simplex and primal-dual algorithms for linear programming

Analyzing English syntax with a pattern-learning parser

An algorithm for minimizing backboard wiring functions

A forum on centralization and documentation

Response by Ernst, Giuliano and Jones

PUFFT—The Purdue University fast FORTRAN translator

”Centralization of document searching facilities“

Invited comments on “Centralization of document searching facilities”