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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

President's letter to the ACM membership

Across machine lines in COBOL

On the translation of machine language programs

A use of macros in translation of symbolic assembly language of one computer to another

The Spectra 70/45 emulator for the RCA 301

Emulation of large systems

Philco/IBM translation at problem-oriented, symbolic and binary levels

An assembly language for reprogramming

1401 compatibility feature on the IBM System/360 model 30

CAT: a 7090-3600 computer-aided translation

Machine independence: its technology and economics

Program structures for parallel processing

Letters to the editor: IFIP 65; another view

Letters to the editor: on “execute” and “repeat” instructions

Letters to the editor: comments on recent FORTRAN ideas

Algorithm 272: procedure for the normal distribution functions

Experiments with a deductive question-answering program

Letters to the editor: remarks on computers and aid to the handicapped

Multi-tape and infinite-state automata—a survey