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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: syntax and generalization of ALGOL 60

Letters to the editor: on syntax specification

Letters to the editor: a final word on reducing truncation errors

Letters to the editor: Fortran II chaining

Letters to the editor: on the implementation of SLIP

Automatic grading programs

Algorithm 255: computation of Fourier coefficients

Certification of algorithm 243 [B3]: logarithm of a complex number

Performance of systems used for data transmission transfer rate of information bitsmdash;an ASA tutorial

On the relative efficiencies of context-free grammar

Metalanguage and syntax specification

Procedure-oriented language statements to facilitate parallel processing

Modeling and simulation of digital networks

Least-squares analysis of resonance spectra on small computers

Applications of binary numbers in computer routines

An extended arithmetic package

Dynamic variable formatting

A method of data list processing with application to EEG analysis

BLNSYS—a 1401 operating system with Braille capabilities

DEBUG—an extension to current online debugging techniques