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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Letters to the editor: more suggestions for ALGOL 60

Letters to the editor: calculations of first order kinetics problems with more than one first order region

The iteration element

Symbolic notations for statistical tables and an approach towards automatic system design

American standard and IFIP / ICC vocabularies compared

On the automatic simplification of computer programs

An operating environment for dynamic-recursive computer programming systems

Deeply nested iterations

Bit manipulation in Fortran language

Testing the understanding of the difference between call by name and call by value in ALGOL 60

A Fortran n-ary counter

Algorithm 256: modified Graeffe method [C2]

Algorithm 258: transport

Algorithm 257: Havie integrator

Certification of algorithm 246: graycode

A technique for integrated reports from a multi-run system

Conversion of decision tables to computer programs

Stochastic approach to the grammatical coding of english

QUICKSCRIPT—a SIMSCRIPT: like language for the G-20

The SMART automatic document retrieval systems—an illustration