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Communications of the ACM

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President's letter to the ACM membership: why ACM?

The structure of yet another ALGOL compiler

A high-speed “top down” method of syntax analysis which completely eliminates “back-up” of the source string has been implemented in a convenient macro-language. A technique of simulation at compile time of the use of a conventional …

Conventions for the use of symbols in the preparation of flowcharts for information processing systems

This paper is intended as an outline of the various conventions which are being considered for the use of flowchart symbols in the preparation of all types of flowcharts for information processing systems. The conventions are …

Peephole optimization

Redundant instructions may be discarded during the final stage of compilation by using a simple optimizing technique called peephole optimization. The method is described and examples are given.

Method for hyphenating at the end of a printed line

A description of a method of hyphenation is presented as a result of application of several general rules. The character sets considered by the routine and the method are briefly outlined.

Remark on algorithm 258 [H]: transport

Remark on algorithm 235 [G6]: random permutation

Certification of algorithm 245 [M1]: TREESORT

The organization of structured files

A data file is an integral part of a data processing system. In many systems, the selection of an organization for the data within the file can be critical to the system's operating efficiency. This paper provides the systems …

The predictive analyzer and a path elimination technique

Some of the characteristic features of a predictive analyzer, a system of syntactic analysis now operational at Harvard on an IBM 7094, are delineated. The advantages and disadvantages of the system are discussed in comparison …

Determining a computing center environment

An investigation is described in which several generally unavailable parameters descriptive of a computing center environment are obtained. The actual data collection and reduction is described, and the results of one month of …