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Communications of the ACM

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President's letter to the ACM membership: the graduate

Computers in group theory: a survey

Computers are being applied to an increasingly diverse range of problems in group theory. The most important areas of application at present are coset enumeration, sub-group lattices, automorphism groups of finite groups, character …

Object code optimization

Methods of analyzing the control flow and data flow of programs during compilation are applied to transforming the program to improve object time efficiency. Dominance relationships, indicating which statements are necessarily …

Computing polynomial resultants: Bezout's determinant vs. Collins' reduced P.R.S. algorithm

Algorithms for computing the resultant of two polynomials in several variables, a key repetitive step of computation in solving systems of polynomial equations by elimination, are studied. Determining the best algorithm for computer …

The role of programming in a Ph.D. computer science program

In this general paper the role of programming in advanced graduate training is discussed. Subject matter related to programming as well as programming per se is considered. The importance and application of formalism are considered …

Algorithm 344: student's t-distribution [S14]

Certification of algorithm 165 [S21]: complete elliptic integrals

Remark on algorithm 314 [C5]: finding a solution of N functional equations in N unknowns

Remark on algorithm 337 [C1]: calculation of a polynomial and its derivative values by Horner scheme

Certification of algorithm 322 [S14]

Directed random generation of sentences

The problem of producing sentences of a transformational grammar by using a random generator to create phrase structure trees for input to the lexical insertion and transformational phases is discussed. A purely random generator …

Some criteria for time-sharing system performance

Time-sharing systems, as defined in this article, are those multiaccess systems which permit a terminal user to utilize essentially the full resources of the system while sharing its time with other terminal users. It is each …