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Communications of the ACM

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Description of FORMAT, a text-processing program

FORMAT is a production program which facilitates the editing and printing of “finished” documents directly on the printer of a relatively small (64k) computer system. It features good performance, totally free-form input, …

Concepts of use in contour map processing

Generalized techniques are developed whose use can simplify the solution of problems relating to contour maps. One of these techniques makes use of the topological properties of contour maps. The topology is represented by a  …

Organizing matrices and matrix operations for paged memory systems

Matrix representations and operations are examined for the purpose of minimizing the page faulting occurring in a paged memory system. It is shown that carefully designed matrix algorithms can lead to enormous savings in the  …

Data communications control procedures for the USA standard code for information interchange

This proposed American Standard has been accepted for publication by USA Standards Committee X3, Computers and Information Processing. In order that the final version of the proposed standard reflect the largest public consensus …

Algorithm 345: an algol convolution procedure based on the fast Fourier transform [C6]

Algorithm 346: F-Test Probabilities

Algorithm 346: F-test probabilities [S14]

Algorithm 347: an efficient algorithm for sorting with minimal storage [M1]

Remark on algorithm 329 [G6]: distribution of indistinguishable objects into distinguishable slots

Remark on algorithm 339 [C6]: an algol procedure for the fast Fourier transform with arbitrary factors

President's letters to the ACM membership: the AFIPS constitution