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Communications of the ACM

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ACM President's letter: Is all the world the stage?

Creation and control of internal data bases under a Fortran programming environment

A method is described for the definition of a user's COMMON structure and the automatic generation of the necessary COMMON, DIMENSION, EQUIVALENCE, and type declarations for each of the user's routines. The definition for the …

Syntax-directed documentation for PL360

The language PL360, together with its phrase structure grammar, is used as a concrete basis for illustrating an idea called syntax-directed documentation. This idea is: (1) to use the phrase structure of a program to define the …

Some complete calculi for matrices

A matrix calculus is introduced with the intention of developing data structures suitable for a high level algorithmic language for mathematical programming. The paper investigates how the special structure of matrices can be …

The nucleus of a multiprogramming system

This paper describes the philosophy and structure of a multi-programming system that can be extended with a hierarchy of operating systems to suit diverse requirements of program scheduling and resource allocation. The system …

Representations for space planning

Problems involving the arrangement of objects in two- or three-space where the objective function primarily consists of derivatives of the distance between objects or their arrangement are called space planning problems. The  …

The cyclical majority problem

The problem of the cyclical majority is presented and some new, simulated results for 3, 4, 5, … , 40 issues and 3, 5, 7, … , 37 judges are reported.

Cubic splines on uniform meshes

A very simple procedure is presented for constructing cubic splines, periodic or nonperiodic, on uniform meshes. Arcs of two cubics suffice to construct a basis of cardinal splines. An algorithm is given which requires only minimal …

Algorithm 378: discretized Newton-like method for solving a system of simultaneous nonlinear equations [C5]

Remark on algorithm 353 [D1]: Filon quadrature

Remark on algorithm 351 [D1]: modified Romberg quadrature

Remark on algorithm 341 [H]: solution of linear programs in 0-1 variables by implicit enumeration

Comments on a paper by Wallace and Mason

Comment on Lawler's multilevel Boolean minimization

Lawler [1] proposed a method of multilevel Boolean minimization which is a generalization of the conventional prime implicant approach for two-level minimization. In his article, he presented two lemmas (Lemmas 1 and 2) that  …

Comment on multiprogramming under a page on demand strategy

It has been brought to my attention that Figure 5 in my paper [1] is not consistent with Figure 2 in the paper [2], as it was meant to be. In the former the ordinate is defined as the incremental number of instructions executed …

Algorithm 379: Squank (Simpson Quadrature used adaptivity—noise killed) [D1]