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Communications of the ACM

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ACM president's letter: the roles of ACM: II. ACM and the computer industry

A queuing model of a multiprogrammed computer with a two-level storage system

The results are presented of an analysis of a probabilistic model of a multiprogrammed computer system with a two-level storage system in which there is sequential dependency of accesses between the devices. Expressions are obtained …

The reallocation of hash-coded tables

When the space allocation for a hash-coded table is altered, the table entries must be rescattered over the new space. A technique for accomplishing this rescattering is presented. The technique is independent of both the length …

Protection in programming languages

On the time required for a sequence of matrix products

Adaptive correction of program statements

A method of analyzing statements in a programming language which can tolerate a considerable inaccuracy in their specification is proposed. This method involves principles at present mainly confined to studies in the area of  …

Variable-precision exponentiation

A previous paper presented an efficient algorithm, called the Recomputation Algorithm, for evaluating a rational expression to within any desired tolerance on a computer which performs variable-precision arithmetic operations …

Reduction of a band-symmetric generalized eigenvalue problem

An algorithm is described for reducing the generalized eigenvalue problem Ax = &lgr;Bx to an ordinary problem, in case A and B are symmetric band matrices with B positive definite. If n is the order of the matrix and m the bandwidth …

A note on when to chain overflow items within a direct-access table

This note supplements the paper by V.Y. Lum [2] and elaborates on Table II in McIlroy [3].

Mutual recursion in Algol 60 using restricted compilers

The Elliott (I.C.L.) Algol 60 compiler contains a restriction on the sequence of declarations such that no identifier may be used before it is declared. This means that direct mutual recursion between procedures declared in the …

A multidimensional Monte Carlo quadrature with adaptive stratified sampling

Random deviates from the dipole distribution

Normal deviate [S14]

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The practical aspect of computer science education—discussion