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Communications of the ACM

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A letter from ACM's past president: the wonderful world of AFIPS

On the problem of communicating complex information

The nature of the difficulty involved in communicating mathematical results between scientists using a computer based information retrieval system is examined. The problem is analyzed in terms of psychological and information …

Programming by questionnaire: an effective way to use decision tables

Programming by questionnaire combines aspects of decision table programming and general purpose programming by using decision tables to construct an application program through the selection of certain source statements from  …

Some comments on the use of ambiguous decision tables and their conversion to computer programs

This paper comments upon recently published work on decision table translation using methods similar to the rule-mask technique. The applicability of these methods under various possible conventions on overall table meaning is …

Hierarchical storage in information retrieval

A probabilistic analysis is employed to determine the effect of hierarchical storage organizations on information retrieval operations. The data storage hardware is assumed to consist of n-levels of linearly connected memory  …

Minimal event-node network of project precedence relations

A procedure for constructing a minimal event-node network to represent a set of precedence relations without parallel activities is presented. A minimal event-node network is an event-node network in which both the number of  …

An array grammar programming system

A package of Fortran programs has been developed that permits a user to interactively design and test array grammars. The user can control the rule selection procedure in a derivation or parse, using weighted programming matrices …

A nonrecursive list moving algorithm

An efficient, nonrecursive algorithm is given for moving any LISP-type list. In particular, the algorithm requires no storage other than the new nodes into which the lists is to be moved, and no additional bits per node for marking …

Remark 2 on algorithm 300 [S22]

The procedure Coulomb can be used very well to generate the Coulomb wave functions FL and GL and their derivatives, needed in elastic scattering calculations in nuclear physics. When the procedure is used many times for manyrho …

Remark on algorithm 324

Remark on algorithm 333

Remark on algorithm 333

Remark on algorithm 406

Remark on algorithm 402

Remark on algorithm 408

Reflection-free permutations, rosary permutations, and adjacent transposition algorithms

Concerning music and computer composition in computational linguistics

Another comment on computer music

WYLBUR: an interactive text editing and remote job entry system

WYLBUR is a comprehensive system for manipulating all kinds of text, such as computer programs, letters, and manuscripts, using typewriter terminals connected to a computer. It has facilities for remote job entry and retrieval …

A comment on the practical aspects of computer science education

A practical approach to managing resources and avoiding deadlocks

Resource scheduling and allocation can be expensive with regard to time and space in multiprogramming or time-sharing environments involving large numbers of tasks and resources with conflicting requirements. Detection and/or …