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Communications of the ACM

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Guidelines for humanizing computerized information systems: a report from Stanley House

Improving locality by critical working sets

A new approach to program locality improvement via restructuring is described. The method is particularly suited to those systems where primary memory is managed according to a working set strategy. It is based on the concept …

A locally-organized parser for spoken input

This paper describes LPARS, a locally-organized parsing system, designed for use in a continuous speech recognizer. LPARS processes a string of phonemes which contains ambiguity and error. The system is locally-organized in the …

A method for composing simple traditional music by computer

A method is described for composing musical rounds by computer. This method uses some music theory plus additional heuristics. Fundamental to the method is a set of productions together with sets of applicability rules and weight …

Register allocation via usage counts

This paper introduces the notion of usage counts, shows how usage counts can be developed by algorithms that eliminate redundant computations, and describes how usage counts can provide the basis for register allocation. The  …

Self-stabilizing systems in spite of distributed control

The synchronization task between loosely coupled cyclic sequential processes (as can be distinguished in, for instance, operating systems) can be viewed as keeping the relation “the system is in a legitimate state” invariant. …

An on-site data management system application in field archaeology

A simple technique for representing strings Fortran IV

The best-match problem in document retrieval

Multiple exits from a loop using neither GO TO nor labels

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