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Communications of the ACM

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Letter from a past president: Distinction of computer science

Two languages for estimating program efficiency

Two languages enabling their users to estimate the efficiency of computer programs are presented. The program whose efficiency one wishes to estimate is written in the first language, a go-to-less programming language which includes …

A theorem-proving language for experimentation

Because of the large number of strategies and inference rules presently under consideration in automated theorem proving, there is a need for developing a language especially oriented toward automated theorem proving. This paper …

The minimization of spatially-multiplexed character sets

The paper describes a technique for compacting character sets in a digital computer while retaining fast access to individual bits. It considers the problem of minimizing the storage needed to contain such tables. Reduction techniques …

Solution of an overdetermined system of equations in the l1 norm [F4]

Algorithm 479: A minimal spanning tree clustering method

Remark on algorithm 418: calculation of Fourier integrals

Remark on algorithm 420: hidden-line plotting program

Remark on algorithm 420: hidden-line plotting program

Remark on algorithm 425: generation of random correlated normal variables

An evaluation of statistical software in the social sciences

Several hundred college and university computer installations now offer various types of statistical packages for general use. Among those most widely available are OSIRIS, SPSS, BMD, DATA-TEXT, and TSAR. In order to provide  …

Compact representation of contour plots for phone line transmission

Methods for the compact representation of contour plots are described and tested. These are intended to reduce the cost of transmitting contour plots over phone lines. We feel some of these methods could be used to transmit contour …

HYDRA: the kernel of a multiprocessor operating system

This paper describes the design philosophy of HYDRA—the kernel of an operating system for C.mmp, the Carnegie-Mellon Multi-Mini-Processor. This philosophy is realized through the introduction of a generalized notion of “resource …

An information-theoretic approach to text searching in direct access systems

Using direct access computer files of bibliographic information, an attempt is made to overcome one of the problems often associated with information retrieval, namely, the maintenance and use of large dictionaries, the greater …

On computing sets of shortest paths in a graph

Two algorithms are presented that construct the k shortest paths between every pair of vertices in a directed graph. These algorithms generalize the Floyd algorithm and the Dantzig algorithm for finding the shortest path between …

ACM forum: more on the federal support of computer related research

Remark on algorithm 400: modified Håvie integration

Remark on algorithm 434: exact probabilities for R×C contingency tables