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Communications of the ACM

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Beyond programming languages

As computer technology matures, our growing ability to create large systems is leading to basic changes in the nature of programming. Current programming language concepts will not be adequate for building and maintaining systems …

An optimal real-time algorithm for planar convex hulls

An algorithm is described for the construction in real-time of the convex hull of a set of n points in the plane. Using an appropriate data structure, the algorithm constructs the convex hull by successive updates, each taking …

Storage reorganization techniques for matrix computation in a paging environment

The control of response times in multi-class systems by memory allocation

Algorithm = logic + control

The notion that computation = controlled deduction was first proposed by Pay Hayes [19] and more recently by Bibel [2] and Vaughn-Pratt [31]. A similar thesis that database systems should be regarded as consisting of a relational …

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