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Communications of the ACM

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ACM President's Letter: $$? & $$!

A history and evaluation of System R

System R, an experimental database system, was constructed to demonstrate that the usability advantages of the relational data model can be realized in a system with the complete function and high performance required for everyday …

Self-assessment procedure VIII: a self-assessment procedure dealing with the programming language Ada

Computer information systems and organization structure

A study of Computer Information Systems and Management (CISM) is described and selected results relating to changes in organizational structure in eight organizations are presented. In five of the organizations no changes inper …

Low contention semaphores and ready lists

A method for reducing semaphore and ready-list contention in multiprocessor operating systems is described. Its correctness is established. Its performance is compared with conventional implementations. A ready list implemented …

An experiment in high level language microprogramming and verification

The STRUM system was created to apply software engineering techniques to microprogramming. It provides the tools that allow the microprogrammer to use high level language, structured programming, and formal program verification …

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