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Communications of the ACM

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ACM president's letter: performance analysis: experimental computer science as its best

Documentation for a model: a hierarchical approach

A set of documents and their organization according to functional requirements in order to produce information that will facilitate the use of models are described. The authors discuss the role of models in the policy process …

Microcomputers as remote nodes of a distributed system

A time-sharing system may be extended into a general-purpose distributed computing facility through the use of remote microcomputer systems. In such an extension the microcomputer system is not merely a remote terminal but a  …

The evolution of user behavior in a computerized conferencing system

Data from 18-month operational trials of the EIES system indicate that the range of features considered valuable in a computer-based communication system increases with the amount of experience gained by using this medium of  …

An experimental study of the human/computer interface

An exploratory study was conducted to analyze whether interface and user characteristics affect decision effectiveness and subject behavior in an interactive human/computer problem-solving environment. The dependent variables …

Problems in application software maintenance

The problems of application software maintenance in 487 data processing organizations were surveyed. Factor analysis resulted in the identification of six problem factors: user knowledge, programmer effectiveness, product quality …

Password authentication with insecure communication

A method of user password authentication is described which is secure even if an intruder can read the system's data, and can tamper with or eavesdrop on the communication between the user and the system. The method assumes a …

Authentication of signatures using public key encryption

One of Needham and Schroeder's proposed signature authentication protocols is shown to fail when there is a possibility of compromised keys: this invalidates one of the applications of their technique. A more elaborate mechanism …

Technical correspondence: on hierarchical modeling

Technical correspondence: on computational algorithms for product form queueing networks

Technical correspondence: On multiple encryption security. author's response

Technical correspondence: on hierarchical modeling. author's response

Technical correspondence: On multiple encryption security

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