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Communications of the ACM

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ACM president's letter: electronic junk

Self-assessment procedure IX: a self-assessment procedure dealing with ethics in computing

The future of programming

The nature of programming is changing. These changes will accelerate as improved software development practices and more sophisticated development tools and environments are produced. This paper surveys the most likely changes …

Performance results of the simplex algorithm for a set of real-world linear programming models

This paper provides performance results using the SPERRY UNIVAC 1100 Series linear programming product FMPS to solve a set of 16 real-world linear programming problems. As such, this paper provides a data point for the actual …

ACM forum

The “worm” programs—early experience with a distributed computation

The “worm” programs were an experiment in the development of distributed computations: programs that span machine boundaries and also replicate themselves in idle machines. A “worm” is composed of multiple “segments,” each running …