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Communications of the ACM

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ACM president's letter: four reforms

Modularity and the sequential file update problem

The best-known solution to the sequential file update problem is the balanced-line algorithm. Here, the problem is solved using abstract data types and the resulting Cobol program illustrated. It is suggested that the program's …

Reducing dictionary size by using a hashing technique

Peterson [3] described a variety of techniques to implement a spelling checker for plain-language documents and discussed the central importance of the structure and size of the dictionary used by such a program. The technique …

Computer rendering of stochastic models

A recurrent problem in generating realistic pictures by computers is to represent natural irregular objects and phenomena without undue time or space overhead. We develop a new and powerful solution to this computer graphics  …

Technical correspondence: on triform programs

Technical correspondence: updating a master file --- yet another time

Technical correspondence: on triform programs. author's repsonse

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