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from Washington: The micro effect on federal computer acquisition

Regulation of electronic funds transfer: impact and legal issues

This paper investigates the implications and impact of current legislation on the future of the electronic funds transfer systems (EFT). The relevant statutes are introduced and analyzed. Problem areas are discussed together  …

The Computer Museum member's first field trip: the Northbay AN/FSQ7 SAGE site

The Computer Museum's first considered priority is to save history, the second is to display it, and the third is to interpret its historic role.

A simple guide to five normal forms in relational database theory

The concepts behind the five principal normal forms in relational database theory are presented in simple terms.

Monte Carlo debugging: a brief tutorial

Monte Carlo debugging, which has been relied upon for some applications at the author's data center, is briefly discussed with the presentation of some guidelines.

Some factors affecting program repair maintenance: an empirical study

An empirical study of 447 operational commercial and clerical Cobol programs in one Australian organization and two U.S. organizations was carried out to determine whether program complexity, programming style, programmer quality …

On the synthesis of decision tables

Synthesis of decision rules, each depicting a part of a decision process, is necessary in order to know the decision process in total perspective and to validate the consistency and the correctness of the decision logic. This …

The computational metaphor and quantum physics

Concurrent computational systems, viewed as sets of cooperating processes, are shown to have close analogies in the world of quantum physics. In particular, analogies exist between processes and particles, between a process'  …

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