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Communications of the ACM

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Forum: letters

From Washington

Congress is paying careful attention to threats to U.S. high technology from two areas: trademark and patent infringement and proposed foreign violation of U.S. copyright laws. Computer technology is becoming a major victim of …

ADA:: past, present, future

Since the mid-1970s, the U.S. Department of Defense has been laying the groundwork for a major new computer language that may substantially displace FORTRAN and COBOL in the years ahead. With Ada just now starting to be used, …

Recommended curriculum for CS1, 1984

The first course in computer science needs a mathematics corequisite

First-year computer science students need to know and use a considerable amount of mathematics. A corequired course in discrete mathematics is a good solution.

A conference on information law and ethics

Optimization criteria for checkpoint placement

Mean response time and availability as optimization criteria for checkpoint placement are better replaced by workable formulas that calculate the ratio between the marginal gain accrued to users who experience system failure  …

Dhrystone: a synthetic systems programming benchmark

Reflecting current data on the use of programming language constructs in systems programming, a synthetic benchmark is constructed based on the distribution appearing in the data. The benchmark executes 100 Ada statements that …

Building a user-derived interface

Many human-computer interfaces are designed with the assumption that the user must adapt to the system, that users must be trained and their behavior altered to fit a given interface. The research presented here proceeds from …

An application of artificial intelligence to operations research

An extension of critical path scheduling to a case where there are alternate methods for completing a project is introduced. Three solution methods are presented including one based on the heuristic search algorithm used in artificial …