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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

Special message: intersociety cooperation

ACM forum: letters

From Washington: the government as a markter of trade information

Programming pearls: the back of the envelope

Should congress provide special tax incentives for firms donating computers to schools?

The best way to put computers into schools today

Tax incentives for computer donors is a bad idea

Congressman Stark and Professor Berghel were given the opportunity to respond to each other's viewpoints

Preparing precollege teachers for the computer age

Conversing with management information systems in a natural language

ACM's visit to the People's Republic of China

Cobol vs. PL/1: some performance comparisons

The software lookaside buffler reduces search overhead with linked lists

Efficient nesting of congruent convex figures

A fast parallel algorithm for thinning digital patterns

Optimal pagination of B-trees with variable-length items

Comment on Quad- and Octtrees