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From Washington

Security without identification: transaction systems to make big brother obsolete

The large-scale automated transaction systems of the near future can be designed to protect the privacy and maintain the security of both individuals and organizations.

DSS design: a systemic view of decision support

A systemic view of DSS can provide a concrete framework for effective design of DSS and can also serve as a basis for accumulating DSS research results.

Orthogonal Latin squares: an application of experiment design to compiler testing

Orthogonal Latin squares—a new method for testing compilers—yields the informational equivalent of exhaustive testing at a fraction of the cost. The method has been used successfully in designing some of the tests in the Ada  …

A probability model for overflow sufficiency in small hash tables

For hash tables in which a strict physical separation exists between primary storage and storage for overflow records, with bucket capacity at least three, a complete probability model is described. A measure of hash table efficiency …

The P2 algorithm for dynamic calculation of quantiles and histograms without storing observations

A heuristic algorithm is proposed for dynamic calculation of the median and other quantiles. The estimates are produced dynamically as the observations are generated. The observations are not stored; therefore, the algorithm  …

Technical Correspondence

Systems programming with JSP: example—a VDU controller

The generation of an embedded microprogram controlling a video display unit demonstrates how Jackson Structured Programming can be used effectively for both systems programming and microprocessor applications.