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Prolog in 10 figures

In the fall of 1981, a Japanese report officially initiated the quest for fifth-generation computers that would encompass the functions of knowledge processing and artificial intelligence. The conceptual underpinnings behind  …

Describing Prolog by its interpretation and compilation

Since its conception, Prolog has followed a developmental course similar to the early evolution of LISP. Although the version of Prolog described here typifies that currently in use, it should be considered within the framework …

Software aspects of strategic defense systems

A former member of the SDIO Panel on Computing in Support of Battle Management explains why he believes the “Star Wars” effort will not achieve its stated goals.

Data compression on a database system

A general-purpose data-compression routine—implemented on the IMS database system—makes use of context to achieve better compression than Huffman's method applied character by character. It demonstrates that a wide variety of …

Selecting MIS projects by steering committee

Steering committees have recently gained vast acceptance in organizations as the mechanism used to select management information systems (MIS) projects. Because of their widespread adoption and their differences from other selection …