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Notable computer networks

Computer networks are becoming more numerous and more diverse. Collectively, they constitute a worldwide metanetwork.

The 1984-1985 Taulbee survey

Presented here is the Computer Science Board's survey on the production and employment of Ph.D.'s and faculty in computer science and engineering.

Microprocessor architectures: a comparison based on code generation by compiler

By carefully tuning computer and compiler, it is possible to avoid the otherwise inevitable compromises between complex compiling algorithms and less-than-optimal compiled code, where the key to performance appears to lie neither …

Accessing bit fields in FORTRAN-77

By incorporating bit-manipulation routines into Fortran-77, it is now possible to manipulate bits or partial word operands without having to write assembly-coded subroutines. Because the routines are now acceptable to Fortran …

Min-max heaps and generalized priority queues

A simple implementation of double-ended priority queues is presented. The proposed structure, called a min-max heap, can be built in linear time; in contrast to conventional heaps, it allows both FindMin and FindMax to be performed …

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