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Communications of the ACM

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Vice-president's letter

ACM forum

MIS in Soviet industrial enterprise: the limits of reform from above

The USSR has carried out a large-scale program to bring computer-based information systems, called Automated Enterprise Management Systems (ASUPs), to industrial enterprises. This program illustrates the extent to which computer …

Self-assessment procedure XVI: a self-assessment procedure dealing with computer organization and logic design

A self-assessment procedure dealing with computer organization and logic design

The report of the ACM Longe-Range Planning Committee: a summary

The Committee evaluates ACM as it exists today, and makes recommendations for the future.

Schematic pseudocode for program constructs and its computer automation by SCHEMACODE

To achieve program control flow representation that is relatively independent of any given programming language, schematic pseudocode (SPC) uses a perceptual notation system composed of schemata whose syntax rules are described …

An experimental program investigating color-enhanced and graphical information presentation: an integration of the findings

A series of three laboratory experiments were conducted to assess the influence of graphical and color-enhanced information presentation modes on decision quality, decision making time, use of information, and user perceptions …

Spreadsheet calculations of probabilities from the F, t, χ2, and normal distribution

By computing probabilities from the normalization of the F distribution (instead of by numerical integration methods), statistical capabilities in spreadsheet operations can be greatly expanded and enhanced.