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Programming pearls: the envelope is back

From Washington

Andrew: a distributed personal computing environment

The Information Technology Center (ITC), a collaborative effort between IBM and Carnegie-Mellon University, is in the process of creating Andrew, a prototype computing and communication system for universities. This article traces …

A model curriculum for a liberal arts degree in computer science

This report proposes developing a rigorous undergraduate curriculum for a B.A.-degree program in computer science. The curriculum is intended as a model not only for high-quality undergraduate colleges and universities, but also …

The relationship between benchmark tests and microcomputer price

A highly accurate model predicts microcomputer price based on benchmark performance by analyzing the impact on predicted price of fluctuations in system configuration and benchmark results.

How not to lie with statistics: the correct way to summarize benchmark results

Using the arithmetic mean to summarize normalized benchmark results leads to mistaken conclusions that can be avoided by using the preferred method: the geometric mean.

The structure of microcomputer file systems

With an understanding of the structure of microcomputer file systems and what causes incompatibilities between them, it is possible to write software that will enable one system to read files written by another—provided they  …

Elliott I. Organick (1925-1985)

An empirical study of the impact of user involvement on system usage and information satisfaction

"User involvement" in information system development is generally considered an important mechanism for improving system quality and ensuring successful system implementation. The common assumption that user involvement leads …

A comment on “a fast parallel algorithm for thinning digital patterns”

A fast parallel thinning algorithm for digital patterns is presented. This algorithm is an improved version of the algorithms introduced by Zhang and Suen [5] and Stefanelli and Rosenfeld [3]. An experiment using an Apple II  …