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A computer science perspective of bridge design

What kinds of lessons does a classical engineering discipline like bridge design have for an emerging engineering discipline like computer systems design? Case-study editors Alfred Spector and David Gifford consider the insight …

Computers, complexity, and the Statue of Liberty restoration

Twentieth-century techniques such as computer-aided engineering and finite-element analysis were used to restore the nineteenth-century monument.

Positive alternatives: a report on an ACM panel on hacking

A broad cross section of computer security experts, hackers, educators, journalists, and corporate executives examine hacking issues, problems, and possible solutions.

An empirical comparison of priority-queue and event-set implementations

Execution times for a variety of priority-queue implementations are compared under the hold model, showing many to be faster than implicit heaps.

Embedded menus: selecting items in context

In many situations, embedded menus represent an attractive alternative to the more traditional explicit menus, particularly in touchtext, spelling checkers, language-based program editors, and graphics-based systems.

A locally adaptive data compression scheme

A data compression scheme that exploits locality of reference, such as occurs when words are used frequently over short intervals and then fall into long periods of disuse, is described. The scheme is based on a simple heuristic …

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