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The British Nationality Act as a logic program

The formalization of legislation and the development of computer systems to assist with legal problem solving provide a rich domain for developing and testing artificial-intelligence technology.

Programming pearls: literate programming

A language for music printing

A music-description language designed to facilitate both electronic communication and publication-quality printing of musical scores incorporates a syntax for expressing concurrency and two-dimensionality and places new demands …

Abstraction-based software development

A five-year experience with abstraction-based software-development techniques in the university environment indicates that the investment required to support the paradigm in practice is returned in terms of greater ability to …

Novel security techniques for online systems

By ensuring entry to subsystems (zones) with different facilities and security levels, log-in procedures can do more than simply delay illicit access.

TID—a translation invariant data structure for storing images

There are a number of techniques for representing pictorial information, among them are borders, arrays, and skeletons. Quadtrees are often used to store black and white picture information. A variety of techniques have been  …