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Communications of the ACM

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Programming pearls: a literate program

Factory automation and robotics

Selected from papers presented at the Symposium on Factory Automation and Robotics held September 9-11, 1985, at New York University

The impact of robotics on computer science

The rapid development of robotics and the resulting need for computer scientists to be better trained in traditional mathematics necessitate changes in computer science curricula.

Legged robots

Research on legged machines can lead to the construction of useful legged vehicles and help us to understand legged locomotion in animals.

Opportunities for research on numerical control machining

Numerical control (NC) machining could be reinvigorated by adapting robotic software technology. Regrettably, pressures are mounting in industry to constrain robots to NC standards, and the academic community views NC as an obsolete …

Normalization of relations and PROLOG

A program for the normalization of relations that is written in Prolog has several advantages relative to programs written in conventional programming languages: notably, conciseness and clarity. The program presented here implements …

Impact of the technological environment on programmer/analyst job outcomes

Recent research has shown that key DP/IS personnel job outcomes (e.g., turnover, organizational commitment, job satisfaction) are affected by job design, leadership characteristics, and role variables. This study investigates …

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