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Communications of the ACM

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President's letter


From Washington: public policy issues ripen with age

The computerists of 1947, as creative and foresighted as they were, could hardly have imagined that the industry they helped to mold would one day be forcing technological issues of worldwide consequence. Back then the idea was …

Profiles in computing

Profiles in computing: Donald E. Knuth: scholar with a passion for the particular

"Age 30 is kind of appropriate because I got the first copy of volume 1 from the publisher nine days after my 30th birthday. So, a large part of the work had been done when I was 30 years old. They already were working on typesetting …

Profiles in computing: Brian K. Reid: a graphics tale of a hacker tracker

"When the Securities Exchange Commission was created by Franklin Roosevelt, he was trying to fix a lot of problems on Wall Street. There were various Ivan Boesky-type crimes being committed on the stock market, and Roosevelt  …

Profiles in computing: Allan L. Scherr

"Most of the work I've done has been done to break things into existence that didn't exist before. . . . In a sense, my whole career's been about building organizations that didn't exist before, creating processes to do things …

The computing program of the Office of Naval Research, 1946-1953

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) played a vital role in the postwar support of basic research in the sciences at the nation's universities in the years immediately following World War II before the establishment of the National …

Making computing history for 40 years

Fifteen years ACM

The development years of ACM, as recounted in 1962 by founding member and former president Franz L. Alt, depicts the players and progress of an organization committed to sharing computing knowledge and skills.

The first 25 year: ACM 1947-1962

ACM: the past 15 years, 1972-1987

Commentaries on the past 15 years

A longtime member comments on the trends, happenings, events, and accomplishments of ACM in the period 1972-1987, followed by "Self-Assessment Procedure XVII."

Self-assessment procedure XVII

A self-assessment procedure dealing with ACM