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Communications of the ACM

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Knowledge abstraction

One of the primary effects of software abstraction has been to further the notion of computer programs as objects rather than moving programming closer to the problem being solved. Knowledge abstraction, however, allows software …

Laws of programming

A complete set of algebraic laws is given for Dijkstra's nondeterministic sequential programming language. Iteration and recursion are explained in terms of Scott's domain theory as fixed points of continuous functionals. A calculus …

The 1985-1986 Taulbee survey

The Computing Research Board's latest survey on the production and employment of Ph.D.'s and faculty in computer science and engineering depicts a young, optimistic discipline where supply may not always meet demand.

Designing large real-time systems with Ada

The programming language Ada encourages improved methods for the design of real-time systems.

An experimental procedure for simulation response surface model identification

An experimental method for identifying an appropriate model for a simulation response surface is presented. This technique can be used for globally identifying those factors in a simulation that have a significant influence on …

Walsh-spectral test for GFSR pseudorandom numbers

By applying Weyl's criterion for k-distributivity to GFSR sequences, we derive a new theoretical test for investigating the statistical property of GFSR sequences. This test provides a very useful measure for examining the k-distribution …