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Communications of the ACM

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President's letter

ACM forum

Programming pearls: a sample of brilliance

The 1984 Olympic Message System: a test of behavioral principles of system design

There was more than athletic talent being pressed to peak performance at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Behind the scenes, a multilingual Olympic Message System ran round-the-clock keeping more than 10,000 athletes and …

Corrigenda: laws of programming

Corrigenda: an empirical validation of software cost estimation models

An object-oriented programming discipline for standard Pascal

A successful application, using standard Pascal in a large medical application program, demonstrates that benefits similar to those of specialized languages are possible in object-oriented programming.

Processing encrypted data

A severe problem in the processing of encrypted data is that very often, in order to perform arithmetic operations on the data, one has to convert the data back to its nonencrypted origin before performing the required operations …

A metamodel of information flow: a tool to support information systems theory

In this paper an axiomatic, fundamental metamodel of data flow is constructed. The components of the metamodel are the states along the flow of data: physical events, language (data), stored data, human data processing, and decision …

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