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Association for Computing Machinery Annual Report '88

The Turing programming language

Turing, a new general purpose programming language, is designed to have Basic's clean interactive syntax, Pascal's elegance, and C's flexibility.

A functional approach to integrating database and expert systems

A new system architecture shares certain characteristics with database systems, expert systems, functional programming languages, and spreadsheet systems, but is very different from any of these.

Productivity enhancement from computer-mediated communication: a systems contingency approach

A systems contingency approach to social impacts of computing predicts that productivity enhancement will be a function of a complex interaction of social and technical systems.

User interface design from a real time perspective

Using a data flow diagram (DFD) to represent the functional requirements of a system to be developed, an analysis of a real-time perspective is augmented to generate user interface specifications. By applying a set of heuristics …

A model for predicting and evaluating computer resource consumption

Evaluation and prediction of computer resource consumption can aid in the determination of computer selection and configuration planning as well as in the usefulness and maintenance of existing systems. The model presented can …

Experimental investigation of an interior search method within a simplex framework

A feasible direction method for solving Linear Programming (LP) problems, followed by a procedure for purifying a non-basic solution to an improved extreme point solution have been embedded within an otherwise simplex based optimizer …

The use of memory in text processing

The performance of a natural language processing system should improve as it reads more and more texts. This is true both for systems intended as cognitive models and for practical text processing systems. Permanent long-term …

The importance of laboratory experimentation in IS research (technical correspondence)

The importance of laboratory experimentation in IS research (authors' response)