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Communications of the ACM

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Stalking the wily hacker

An astronomer-turned-sleuth traces a German trespasser on our military networks, who slipped through operating system security holes and browsed through sensitive databases. Was it espionage?

Information technology and dataveillance

Data surveillance is now supplanting conventional surveillance techniques. With this trend come new monitoring methods such as personal dataveillance and mass dataveillance that require more effective safeguards and a formal  …

On visual formalisms

The higraph, a general kind of diagramming object, forms a visual formalism of topological nature. Higraphs are suited for a wide array of applications to databases, knowledge representation, and, most notably, the behavioral …

Reevaluating Amdahl's law

Managing prototype knowledge/expert system projects

Computer science technology in the 1990s will involve knowledge/expert systems. Fundamental issues of technology transfer, training, problem selection, staffing, corporate politics, and more, are explored.

Growth stages of end user computing

The stages of growth and interconnectedness of the applications of end user computing are described in a model that is directed toward management and planning.

Factors of success for end-user computing

A two-phase study concerned with the factors of success associated with the development of computer applications by end users was conducted in 10 large organizations. During the first phase, in-depth interviews were used to refine …

An experimental evaluation of the impact of data display format on recall performance

Recall, while an important topic in the study of learning and memory, has received relatively little attention as a dependent variable in studies that investigate alternative formats for presenting information. This paper describes …

The world's fastest Scrabble program

An efficient backtracking algorithm makes possible a very fast program to play the SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Game. The efficiency is achieved by creating data structures before the backtracking search begins that serve both to …

An insertion algorithm for a minimal internal path length binary search tree

This paper presents an insertion algorithm for maintaining a binary search tree with minimal internal path length. The insertion algorithm maintains minimal internal path length by displacing keys when necessary, in an inorder …

MIS careers—a theoretical perspective

MIS personnel historically have exhibited a disturbingly high rate of turnover, and the job of the MIS manager is increasingly oriented to personnel and staffing problems. The MIS careers literature consistently suggests that …