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KMS: a distributed hypermedia system for managing knowledge in organizations

Developers of hypermedia systems face many design issues. The design for KMS, a large-scale hypermedia system for collaborative work, seeks improved user productivity through simplicity of the conceptual data model.

Reflections on NoteCards: seven issues for the next generation of hypermedia systems

NoteCards, developed by a team at Xerox PARC, was designed to support the task of transforming a chaotic collection of unrelated thoughts into an integrated, orderly interpretation of ideas and their interconnections. This article …

HAM: a general purpose hypertext abstract machine

The HAM is a transaction-based server for a hyper text storage system. The server is designed to handle multiple users in a networked environment. The storage system consists of a collection of contexts, nodes, links, and attributes …

Abstraction mechanisms in hypertext

Abstraction is the means by which information can be stored and retrieved from an information structure at different levels of detail and from different perspectives. As such, abstraction mechanisms in hypertext are interesting …

Hypertext and the Oxford English dictionary

Hypertext databases can be produced by converting existing text documents to electronic form. The basic task in conversion is identification of fragments. We illustrate that this is not always a straightforward process with an …

Searching for information in a hypertext medical handbook

Medicine is an ideal domain for hypertext applications and research. Implementing a popular medical handbook in hypertext underscores the need to study hypertext in the context of full-text document retrieval, machine learning …

Hypertext '87: keynote address

Fourth annual UCLA survey of business school computer usage

The Fourth Survey is based upon data from 128 AACSB-accredited business schools. It provides a wide variety of information to deans and others involved in making computer related strategic decisions, resource allocations, and …

Retraining teachers to teach high school computer science

The national trends regarding the retraining of secondary school teachers in a computer science discipline are examined. Recommendations and guidelines are offered in this ACM/IEEE Task Force report.