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Can computers cope with human races?

In trying to apply a computer to a task that humans do, we often discover that it doesn't work. One common problem is that humans are able to deal with fuzzy concepts, but computers are not—they need precise representations and …

High level knowledge sources in usable speech recognition systems

The authors detail an integrated system which combines natural language processing with speech understanding in the context of a problem solving dialogue. The MINDS system uses a variety of pragmatic knowledge sources to dynamically …

Programmable execution of multi-layered networks for automatic speech recognition

A set of Multi-Layered Networks allows the integration of information extracted with variable resolution in the time and frequency domains and to keep the number of links between nodes of the networks small for significant generalization …

The Clipper processor: instruction set architecture and implementation

Intergraph's CLIPPER microprocessor is a high performance, three chip module that implements a new instruction set architecture designed for convenient programmability, broad functionality, and easy future expansion.

Computerization, productivity, and quality of work-life

The impact of a computerized record system on the work lives of customer service representatives in a large utility company is examined. The results suggest alternate methods for thinking about and measuring technological impact …

An approach to the recursive retrieval problem in the relational database

The host query language often impairs data retrieval in recursive database structures. Functional extensions to QUEL are explored in order to simplify the user interface.

Caching and other disk access avoidance techniques on personal computers

CPU processing speed is rapidly increasing on PCs, resulting in a widening gap between disk access and CPU speed. The performance of three common disk caching systems are examined in an effort to determine a technique for reducing …

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