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The 1988 snowbird report: a discipline matures

With the severe crisis in computing behind us, the field is beginning to shed its preoccupation with its internal affairs. The representation of computing research to the public and to policy makers, was a major issue at Snowbird …

Expert systems for configuration at Digital: XCON and beyond

Members of Digital Equipment Corporation's team of expert system experts reflect and recount a decade's worth of lessons learned in designing, and building a core of configuration systems

Methodology for allocating resources for data quality enhancement

The issue of effective use of resources committed to data integrity maintenance is addressed via a heuristic which uses parameter estimates that are iteratively refined to partition available resources among multiple data sets …

An entity-life modeling approach to the design of concurrent software

Using the idea of Entity-Life Modeling for task decomposition, the design of a prototypical elevator control system is explored and compared to an earlier JSD solution.

A practical sieve algorithm finding prime numbers

Based on the sieve of Eratosthenes, a faster and more compact algorithm is presented for finding all primes between 2 and N.

System structure and software maintenance performance

An experiment is designed to investigate the relationship between system structure and maintainability. An old, ill-structured system is improved in two sequential stages, yielding three system versions for the study. The primary …

Parallel thinning with two-subiteration algorithms

Two parallel thinning algorithms are presented and evaluated in this article. The two algorithms use two-subiteration approaches: (1) alternatively deleting north and east and then south and west boundary pixels and (2) alternately …

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