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Communications of the ACM

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Volume rendering

Volumetric rendering speaks volumes for data 20 orders of magnitude apart—from human anatomy to neuroanatomy, and from electrostatic charges of macromolecules to failure analysis of manufactured parts.

A conversation with Steve Jobs

NeXT, Inc. President and CEO Steve Jobs (left), and VP of Sales and Marketing, Dan'l Lewin, discuss the goals of the new company, and the NeXT Computer System itself.

Linda in context

How can a system that differs sharply from all currently fashionable approaches score any kind of success? Here's how.

Toward the perfect workplace?

The experience of home-based systems developers is compared with their office-based counterparts in a UK computer firm. The analysis produced two major patterns: the home-based workers find intrinsic value in the job, whereas …

Self-assessment procedure XIX

A self-assessment procedure on the application of copyright law to computer programs

Developing knowledge-based systems: reorganizing the system development life cycle

Through methodological evolution, the development of the Knowledge-Based Development Life Cycle is supported. In this methodology, processes replace phases and stages and during system development, dynamic activation of processes …

Data compression with finite windows

Several methods are presented for adaptive, invertible data compression in the style of Lempel's and Ziv's first textual substitution proposal. For the first two methods, the article describes modifications of McCreight's suffix …

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