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Crisis and aftermath

Last November the Internet was infected with a worm program that eventually spread to thousands of machines, disrupting normal activities and Internet connectivity for many days. The following article examines just how this worm …

With microscope and tweezers: the worm from MIT's perspective

The actions taken by a group of computer scientists at MIT during the worm invasion represents a study of human response to a crisis. The authors also relate the experiences and reactions of other groups throughout the country …

Password cracking: a game of wits

The following report has been gleaned from "A Tour of the Worm," an in-depth account of the November Internet infection. The author found the worm's crypt algorithm a frustrating, yet engaging, puzzle.

The Cornell commission: on Morris and the worm

After careful examination of the evidence, the Cornell commission publishes its findings in a detailed report that sheds new light and dispels some myths about Robert T. Morris and the Internet worm.

An interview with Ivan Sutherland


The pipeline processor is a common paradigm for very high speed computing machinery. Pipeline processors provide high speed because their separate stages can operate concurrently, much as different people on a manufacturing assembly …

Literate programming