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The coming revolution in interactive digital video

Virtual video editing in interactive multimedia applications

Drawing examples from four interrelated sets of multimedia tools and applications under development at MIT, the authors examine the role of digitized video in the areas of entertainment, learning, research, and communication. …

Life before the chips: simulating digital video interactive technology

Advances in computers, such as DVI technology, are driven by new hardware functionality—more magic in the silicon. But before the chips came the ideas, and years of visual and interactive technical simulations to evaluate product …

Intelligent interactive video simulation of a code inspection

The need for technological solutions to learning, in the software engineering field is increasing. The Advanced Learning Technologies Project (ALT) has developed a highly interactive, high-fidelity simulation of group process …

DVI parallel image compression

At the heart of DVI is an image compression and expansion technology that uses proprietary chips to expand an image in real time from a bit stream that has been compressed on a large computer at non-real time rates. This article …

Coding image sequences for interactive retrieval

An image coding technique for digital storage of motion picture information is presented that is optimated for use in interactive systems where high quality still frames, random access, and database linkages are required.

Efficient placement of audio data on optical disks for real-time applications

Optical disks are among the most promising secondary storage devices for data-intensive applications and database management systems. A means of optimizing the storage capacity of optical disks is presented here.

The next generation of interactive technologies

From home entertainment to cultural exhibits to educational methodologies to personal computing, interactive technologies could change observers in to participants.

DVI—a digital multimedia technology

A digital presentation technology that manages anything from text to full-motion video has the potential of expanding the usefulness of personal computers, while rendering them less intimidating.