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Personal computing: Windows, DOS and the MAC

Direct-manipulation or graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are nearly as old as command-line interfaces.1 At the ACM Conference on The History of Personal Workstations, Doug Ross told of drawing on an oscilloscope screen by using …

Legally speaking: how to interpret the Lotus decision (and how not to)

On June 28, 1990, a federal court judge in Boston made public his decision in favor of Lotus Development Corporation in its software copyright lawsuit against Paperback Software. People in the software industry had been waiting …

Women and computing

There is mounting evidence that many women opting for careers in computing either drop out of the academic pipeline or choose not to get advanced degrees and enter industry instead. Consequently, there are disproportionatelyStatistics …

Becoming a computer scientist

It is well known that women are significantly underrepresented in scientific fields in the United States, and computer science is no exception. As of 1987- 1988, women constituted slightly more than half of the U.S. population …

Connectionist ideas and algorithms

In our quest to build intelligent machines, we have but one naturally occurring model: the human brain. It follows that one natural idea for artificial intelligence (AI) is to simulate the functioning of the brain directly on …

Transaction processing monitors

A transaction processing (TP) application is a program that performs an administrative function by accessing a shared database on behalf of an on-line user. A TP system is an integrated set of products that supports TP applications …

SCISOR: extracting information from on-line news

The future of natural language text processing is examined in the SCISOR prototype. Drawing on artificial intelligence techniques, and applying them to financial news items, this powerful tool illustrates some of the future benefits …

An object-oriented relational database

A relational DBMS and an object-oriented programming language can be combined to yield a surprisingly effective OO-DBMS for many applications.

The XXII self-assessment: the ethics of computing

Inside risks: risks in computerized elections

Background: Errors and alleged fraud in computer-based elections have been recurring Risks Forum themes. The state of the computing art continues to be primitive. Punch-card systems are seriously flawed and easily tampered with …