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Investigating the effects of color

A laboratory experiment studies the effects of color on a decision maker's ability to extract information from different graphical and tabular presentations. Results indicate color improves time performance for tables, pie charts …

Comparing representations with relational and EER models

The diffusion of technology to end users who can now develop their own information systems raises issues concerning the cost, quality, efficiency, and accuracy of such systems.

Polychannel systems for mass digital communications

A new type of distributed computer system looks toward the time when computers will be used by everyone everywhere.

Smart game board and go explorer: a study in software and knowledge engineering

Software engineering is an established discipline that has accumulated and codified more than two decades worth of know-how. Knowledge engineering, on the other hand, is an emerging discipline with lots of issues but, at least …

Identity authentication based on keystroke latencies

The variables that help make a handwritten signature a unique human identifier also provide a unique digital signature in the form of a stream of latency periods between keystrokes. This article describes a method of verifying …

Dynamic file migration in distributed computer systems

The importance of file migration is increasing because of its potential to improve the performance of distributed office, manufacturing and hospital information systems. To encourage research in the file migration problem, the …

Self-assessment procedure XX

A self-assessment procedure on operating systems

Post implementation evaluation of computer-based information systems: current practices

Contrary to the widely-held view that post implementation evaluations are performed to assess and improve the information system and the system development practices, this study suggests that in practice, the primary reason for …

SNA and OSI: three strategies for interconnection

The rise of the Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model (OSI) in the past five years is forcing IBM to rethink its plans for its proprietary network standard Systems Network Architecture (SNA). This article reviews three …

N-Fold inspection: a requirements analysis technique

N-fold inspection uses traditional inspections of the user requirements document (URD) but replicates the inspection activities using N independent teams. A pilot study was conducted to explore the usefulness of N-fold inspection …