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Personal computing: simple complexity and COMDEX

One of today's emerging paradigms is the view that complex behavior or form can emerge from the interaction of relatively simple components, if you have enough of them and they have enough time to do whatever they do. The emergent …

From Washington: budget FY 1991: the numbers tell the R&D story

This is the time of year when talk turns to fiscal budgets. In Washington, however, such banter typically involves astronomical sums of money.When President Bush released his proposed budget for FY 1991 last January, the reaction …

Digital image-digital cinema

The politics of standards and the EC

European legislation and power struggles in the standards arena are sparking fear of technical barriers to trade and prompting the American standards community to reevaluate its infrastructure. The National Institute of Standards …

Constraint logic programming languages

Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) is an extension of Logic Programming aimed at replacing the pattern matching mechanism of unification, as used in Prolog, by a more general operation called constraint satisfaction. This aritcle …

An introduction to Prolog III

The Prolog III programming language extends Prolog by redefining the fundamental process at its heart: unification. This article presents the specifications of this new language and illustrates its capabilities.

The 20th annual ACM North American computer chess championship

Despite entering ranked almost a class above the field, a last-round loss forced DEEP THOUGHT to settle for a first-place tie with HITECH at the 20th Annual ACM North American Computer Chess Championship. The five-round Swiss …

Agenda: a personal information manager

The free-form, evolving, personal information that people deal with in the course of their daily activities requires more flexible data structures and data management systems than tabular data structures provide. A tool for managing …

Object subclass hierarchy in SQL: a simple approach

The object subclass hierarchy is a useful way of modeling property and behavior inheritance. It can be implemented on a relational DBMS using views.

Inside risks: some reflections on a telephone switching problem